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Splicing and vulcanizing conveyor belts has never been this easy with the Beta Equipment Sales Corporation!

Even the most durable equipment gets a little dirty sometimes, call over Beta Equip's conveyor belt cleaners to keep your manufacturing line spic and span!

Beta Equip's conveyor belt maintenance service keeps your company's material handling opreation running for decades without a hitch!

Keep your conveyor pulley looking new with Beta Equip's pulley ceramic rubber lagging!

Build a stable and efficient material handling system with Beta Equip's conveyor systems design construction.
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Our Products

Martin Engineering Solutions


Martin Belt Tracker

Provides immediate, continuous, and precise adjustments for wandering conveyor belts.

  • Minimizes belt edge damage
  • Prevents conveyor spillage
  • Prolongs service life of belt


Martin Belt Cleaner

  • Increases operating efficiency and profitability through decreased maintenance and clean up costs
  • Removes materials that cling to the carrying surface of the conveyor belt beyond the normal discharge point
  • Prevents material build-up on rolling components which increases power consumption and cause belt mistracking


Martin Air Cannon System

MARTIN Air Cannons provide a quiet but powerful eruption of compressed air that dislodges build-ups and enhances the flow of bulk materials to improve operational efficiency and profitability.




Transfer Point Solutions

V Plow prevents entrapment of stray materials between the belt and tail pulley

Skirting System provides effective material containment and prevents material spillage at the loading zone of a conveyor

Impact Cradle efficiently absorbs loading forces and eliminate belt sag at the loading zone of a conveyor.



Bridgestone specializes in heavy duty conveyor belts used in various industries including power plants, steel mills, cement plants, sugar refineries and bulk terminals.


  • Maximizes conveyor belt operating life
  • Reduces operational cost
  • Provides the latest in conveyor belt technology
Beumer Group


Beumer Group has been a supplier of systems and equipment for the transportation of bulk and piece goods around the world for many years. With success. Whether for the cement, lime or gypsum industries, for the chemical industry or for new markets such as the energy sector, BEUMER Group belt conveyors, conveyors for hot materials and high-capacity bucket elevators always offer the ideal solution for your specific transportation requirements.

MLT Super-Screw


  • Easy and quick installation
  • Installation in all weather conditions
  • No need to use expensive equipment
  • Wear and Cut Resistant
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Leak proof and flexible

Esco 1

ESCO provides wear solutions for mining, infrastructure development and other challenging industrial wear applications.

Ground Engaging Tools (GETS)

  • Buckets
  • Truck Bodies
  • Crusher Parts
  • Dragline Rigging
Rema Tip Top


  • Highest quality and most reliable bonding system for a wide range of applications
  • Excellent initial and final bonding strength
  • Superior dynamic load capacity
  • Avoid material build-up with positive influence of belt tracking
  • Reduce slippage between belt and pulley through increased coefficient of friction


Shaw-Almex has the widest range of conveyor belt repair and vulcanizing equipment.

  • Full range of sizes and styles for conveyor splicing and repair
  • Offers a customized line of vulcanizing equipment for conveyor belts
  • Used by most conveyor belt manufacturers


Rulmeca A unique range of premium belt conveyor rollers/idlers, motorized pulleys, fabricated pulleys and other components for the bulk handling industry.

  • Used in the major applications such as coal and lignite mining, cement, quarries, tunneling, power plants installation, ports, salt and fertilizers, sugar plants, recycling, and demolition, crushing and screening.
Changyun Industry

Chang Yun

Changyun Industry is a leading global supplier of high quality belt conveyor idlers, frames and pulleys.

  • Uses steel specifically designed for roller tubing to ensure even thickness and superior ovality
  • Incorporates the double labyrinth design to prevent ingress of dirt in the bearing housing
ThermoFisher Scientific

The Thermo Scientific™ line of industrial in-motion weighing, inspection, monitoring and control equipment is used for process control, production monitoring and automation. Our products are marketed worldwide to the coal and minerals mining, cement, construction, aggregates, electric utilities, chemical processing, plastics and food industries, among others.

Thermo Scientific™ Ramsey™ IDEA                                 

  • This belt scale system provides basic rate information
    and totalization functions in processes involving non-critical
    or lower value materials with an accuracy of ±1%. I

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Model 90.125

  • This weighbelt feeder’s unique cantilevered and formed channel
    frame design provides a strong and sturdy weigh structure and
    allows for quick and easy maintenance.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Oretronic IV  

  • This tramp metal detector minimizes lost production by  providing an economical and reliable means
    to protect expensive crushers, conveyors and other process equipment from damage by tramp metal.    

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